mardi 26 novembre 2019

Sur le bord de crever tes os dans le sein de la tumeur. Au ras de la banqueroute de ton corps en décomposition. Le Ministry se lève et tire à bout portant sur la douleur et la terreur.


Don't try to reason
No words, no words
I've seen it all before
Don't cry because it is too late
We make some people think
That's all they need to get home
Now look into my eyes
I've seen the light
The star starts in the west
We have until we cry
Last time we offer
It's going to slaughter out
His covered eyes
Like in a really happy ending
Don't look into my eyes
You're gonna die
Please don't kill me now
In a house of guilty hate
We go around in circles
Ignore the pain
Ignore the terror
We saw the tears
Lost in their eyes